The word 'Geography' was first coined by the Greek geographer Eratosthenes in the third century Before Christ. In his book 'Geographica', he first used this word. This word was derived from two Greek words, namely 'ge' that means the Earth, and 'graphien' that means description. so, 'geography' means the description of the earth. Though this concept has hugely changed by time to time. Throughout the evolution of ages and eras, this discipline has become dynamic. Human, nature, and everything else have been included in it, and throughout the time, many other prospects is going to be included in this discipline. Thus it can be said that, Geography is an all encompassing description about the earth and the human beings living in it.


Definitions of Geography

Many famous geographers, philosophers, and thinkers have attempted to define this subject from their own point of view. Their definitions are given below :

"Geography is the subject which shows a part of earth on the universe." Claudius Ptolemy (AD 100-170)

"Geography is the study which learned about the land species on the earth, with it explain the character of earth." Strabo (64 or 63 BC-AD 24)

"Geography is that part of mixed mathematics, which explains the state of the earth and its part, depending on quantity, viz., its figure, place, magnitude and motion, with the celestial appearence." Bernhardus Varenius (1622-1650) 


"Geography is concerned to provide accurate, orderly, and rational description and interpretation of the variable character of the earth surface." Rechard Hartshorne (1959)


"Geography is concerned with the study of nature." Alexander von Humboldt

"Geography is the study of earth. It explains the varities found in the various parts of earth. In it incidents and active relations are considered specially important." Immanuel Kant

"Geography aims to study the earth's surface which is the home of man." Carl Ritter

"Geography is a corological science which aims to study the areal differentiations and their spatial relations on the earth's surface." Alfred Hettner


"Geography may be defined as dealing solely with the mutual relations between man and his natural environment." Harlan H. Barrows (1923)

"Geography has to be conceived as the science concerned with the formulation of the laws governing the spatial distribution of certain features on the surface of the earth." Fred Kurt Schaefer

"Geography is the scientific study of vast interacting system comprising all humanity and its natural environment of the surface of the earth." Edward Augustus Ackerman

"Geography is the science of earth's surface. It consists of a systematic description and interpretation of the distribution pattern and the regional associations of the things on the surface of the earth" Finch and Trewartha

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