Peninsular Plateau of India_Deccan Plateau
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There is full of diversity in Indian physiography. Mountains, plateau, plain land, coastal land, etc. act as ornaments of Indian physiography. The largest physiographic division of India is the peninsular plateau region. It lies at the southern part of the great plain of North India. The peninsular plateau is triangular in shape. Its broad base is in the north and narrow apex in the south. It covers area about 16 lakh Aravalli hill marks the north-western boundary, northern age of the Bundelkhand plateau, Eastern Ghat Mountain Range and Western Ghat Mountain Range is situated in respectively east and west, and the southern part or the narrow apex is connected with the Indian Ocean. Average elevation of this plateau region is about 500 to 900 m. from mean sea level.


Geographers have been classified this region into two divisions as follows :

North Indian Peninsular Plateau

It denotes the northern part of this region. It is the broad base of the triangular peninsular plateau. It is further classified into three regions. These are-
  1. The Western Highland Region : This includes the Aravalli Mountain region and the western part of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. The Central Highland Region : Rest of Madhya Pradesh is included in it.
  3. The Eastern Highland Region : Chhota Nagpur Plateau region is the part of Eastern Highland Region.
Peninsular Plateau of India
Fig.: South Indian Plateau Region

South Indian Peninsular Plateau

This is the major part of peninsular upland region of south India. It is also sub divided into three divisions, these are-
  1. The Deccan Plateau : This includes a major part of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana, and some parts of Chhattisgarh states. It is the main and central most upland region of South Indian Plateau Region.
  2. The Eastern Ghat : In the eastern part of Deccan Plateau, the Eastern Ghat Mountain Range has formed along the eastern coast.
  3. The Western Ghat : Similarly in the western part of Deccan Plateau, the Western Ghat Mountain Range has formed along the western coast.

Thus the Indian Peninsular plateau region occupies the largest part of Indian land mass as well as Indian physiography.

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