The business of human beings have stopped, especially in the urbans, transportation has confined. Overall the world is looking quite different amid coronavirus pandemic. To some seismologists, the massive reduction in human hustle is causing the earth to pulsating considerably less.


Nowadays data collected by seismologists is becoming more accurate, even capable of detecting a very little tremors. Researchers in America and United Kingdom noticed a similar trend.

Not only that, but coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution. Satellite imagery from the European Space Agency reports as the industrial activities have temporarily stopped due to the pandemic, air pollution level around the world has become low. One expert said that this sudden shift represents the "largest scale experiment ever" in the context of industrial emission.

Image Courtesy : Wikipedia

As ESA's Sentinel-5P satellite recorded, it shows a report that over almost past one to two months, levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) over the urban and industrial sectors in Asia and Europe were remarkably lower than in the same period last year.

Image Courtesy : Copernicus

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