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In recent times, technological advancements have reached a different level, and again, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is going to give its witness. ISRO is preparing to send Vyommitra to the space.

'Vyommitra' is a humanoid robot, developed by Indian Space Research Organisation as a part of the Gaganyaan mission. Vyommitra, as an experimental project, before sending human to space by 2022.


A Brief Description

Vyommitra is a robot which is modeled as a woman. Actually it is a half-humanoid robot as it doesn't have any legs, but can bend only sidewards and forward.

It is a talking robot, can speak Hindi and English. It can also mimic human activities, recognise other humans, even respond to their queries.

Technically it can perform multiple tasks, such as environment control and life support system functions, gives environmental air pressure change warning, handle switch panel operations, etc.


The name ‘Vyommitra’ has derived from two Sanskrit words, namely ‘vyom’ meaning the sky or space, and ‘mitra’ meaning the friend. Hence ‘Vyommitra’ literally means ‘Space friend’.

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It is a space-faring robot, first uncovered on 22nd January, 2020 at an event of Human Spaceflight and Exploration Symposium in Bengaluru, where it greeted the reporters by introducing itself like “I am Vyommitra, the first prototype of half-humanoid robot.” It is year-long toil of ISRO and the Gaganyaan mission is India's an ambitious plan to send human to space. It is scheduled for December, 2020 to send Vyommitra to the space.

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